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Dates & Fees


The fees for the Academic Year 2024-5 will be £2,800

There are three terms. Each term needs to be paid for in advance in order to have access to college. Fees each term are non-refundable


Autumn - Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec = £1,120


Spring - Jan, Feb, March = £840

Summer - Apr, May, June = £840

These fees will remain fixed for the 4 years

Other Costs

We try to minimise hidden costs and we are unique in providing in-house supervision included in our fees.


100 hours of sitting-in are required over the course. From Year 2 onwards, you should budget for sitting-in charges which some, though not all, homeopaths may charge for (varies from £10 - £25 per day).

Books and remedies

You will need to budget for text books and remedies throughout the during the course.


We have an in-house pharmacy which allows you to buy remedies more cheaply so that you can start to build up your own stock of remedies. Certain textbooks will be essential and guidance will be offered on the best way to build up a library. We suggest that you allow a budget of approximately £250 - £300 for textbooks (and £150 for remedies but these are not a a requirement).


For those of you who intend to become professional homeopaths at some point you will probably want to buy a computer repertory at some point. It is not necesary to complete the course but it does make certain aspects of the case taking process less time consuming. These can vary in price and complexity and some contain libraries of homeopathic books.


The book list is provided on acceptance to the course and is updated each year. Homeopathy Action Trust, HAT, give £150 book tokens on becoming members. They also offer a limited number of annual bursaries (2nd years and above) of £500 towards fees via an individual application scheme.


Dates 2023/4

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DATES 2024-5

September 21/22

October 12/13

November 16/17

December 14/15


January 11/12

February 8/9

March 8/9

April 12/13

May 10/11

June 14/15

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