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"I loved the four years I spent at South Downs School of Homeopathy and count those years as some of the best of my life. Right from the start it was an incredibly friendly place to be, full of like-minded people who have become life-long friends and colleagues. The lecturers were excellent and I enjoyed the diversity they brought - with their own sets of skills and specialisms, and professional experiences. We learnt an awful lot during the course and by the end of the four years I felt ready to get out there and practice, which is what it's all about."

Jo Grobel Graduate 2022

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Our four years at South Downs School saw the college, our year group and us as individuals face some of the most challenging times, we grew and supported each other in ways I’d never have thought possible. I have made some of my life’s most meaningful relationships. Classroom lectures, interactive workshops, a college supported student clinic and Zoom learning has all formed part of our journey, which I truly feel has added value to my education and left me fully equipped to launch my career as a qualified homeopath. The college has such a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you will feel supported by everyone involved. Our graduation day was such a bittersweet experience. So excited to have become a ‘proper’ homeopath, I still can’t quite believe it. So sad however that my weekends at the college had come to an end. South Downs will always be such a big part of my life.

Jules C Graduate 2022

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After completing my first year at SDSH, I can confidently recommend the school to any aspiring homeopaths. The lectures are never dull, and our progress as individuals is carefully monitored. All of the Principals and tutors are easily accessible for any questions or queries, but it’s the supportive, almost family-like environment that I enjoy and appreciate so much, which I would say is quite unique. I can’t wait for Year 2!

Theresa Bulic – Year 1 2022

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I have just completed my first year at South Down School of Homoeopathy and I honestly cannot recommend this college highly enough.

The college is set in the beautiful location of Chichester, the classes are small, and everyone Is extremely friendly.

I love the discussions that take place during the lectures as all questions are welcomed and the lecturer's knowledge is outstanding and knows no bounds.

Homoeopathy as a subject is very interesting and empowering, regardless of your knowledge before you start the course, you are provided with first class teaching and huge support from the lecturers and fellow students and close friendships will be formed.
In the class there is a mix of abilities and age groups, and everyone is made welcome.
In all honesty I am very excited to start my second year and to continue learning and being taught with such enthusiasm.

I am very glad that I enrolled without any hesitation and cannot recommend this course enough to all.

Samantha Garganelli – Year 1  2022

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