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Welcome to South Downs School of Homeopathy

Our four-year, homeopathy course in Chichester, and now available online, is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths  and attracts students from all over the south of England and London. Providing a warm and supportive in-person learning environment, we enable students from all ages and backgrounds to become confident, capable and self-aware working homeopaths


Each academic year consists of ten weekends from September to June. Classes are small and informal with plenty of time for debate, discussion and individual attention. We feature an in-house homeopathic pharmacy and also uniquely provide excellent in-house supervision included in our fees


On successful completion of your 4-year homeopathy course, you will be awarded the qualification of Licentiate of South Downs School of Homeopathy which will enable you to set up in practice immediately

The college is fully accredited by the Institute of Homeopathy Accreditation (IHA), a body which has formally taken over the system of UK accreditation of homeopathic colleges from the ‘Society of Homeopaths’ and ‘Homeopathy Training’ schemes

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Having studied in three different colleges and explored various approaches to clinical homeopathy, attending South Downs felt like a homecoming to classical homeopathy.  The strong foundation in classical learning provided at South Downs gave me the confidence I needed as I prepared to step out and start my own homeopathic practice. The education I received at the school was comprehensive and thorough, equipping us with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply classical principles in practice.


Throughout my time at South Downs, I benefited from the guidance and mentorship of experienced and knowledgeable homeopaths who were part of the faculty. Their expertise helped shape my understanding of classical homeopathy and provided valuable insights into its application in real-world scenarios.


I found Christian Taylor's work on remedies to be particularly inspiring and enlightening. His contributions brought a new level of clarity in understanding patterns of symptoms and identifying remedy states in patients. His work focused on deepening the understanding of materia medica and the characteristic pattern of symptoms associated with different homeopathic remedies. By studying his work, I gained valuable insights into the specific indications and nuances of various remedies, allowing for a more precise and accurate analysis of patient symptoms. The integration of his work with the classical teachings received at South Downs has enhanced my ability to provide individualized and effective homeopathic treatment to my patients. 


I am truly grateful for the foundation and inspiration I received from studying at the South Downs School of Homeopathy.

Rohini - graduate 2023

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"Whilst the atmosphere at the School was relaxed, the students were focused and keen to get to their respective lectures. I observed that the staff had a very good rapport with the students and there was a general sense of openness and support. The staff seem very attentive to the students, being very giving of their time between lectures. The students I spoke to gave very good feedback on the School, saying that the lecturers and the subject matter are very inspiring, that they felt very supported, and that they like the small numbers and intimacy of a small course provider as there is more one-to-one time with the lecturers and staff"

Society of Homeopaths site visit report 2023

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