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Webinar: Somatic Materia Medica Series - Melilotus Saturday May 18th 2024 10.00 - 11.00am


With Christian Taylor

In order to have better outcomes in practice we need to have a deeper understanding of our materia medica. In these lectures Christian will discuss the deeper patterns at work in remedies paying particular attention to how these are expressed as a somatic experience and how this fundamental state is expressed in the mind and body simultaneously

In this webinar we will have a deep look into the less well known remedy Sweet yellow clover. We will see how the single symptom rubric [mesmerised by their distant pastor] can be seen to express, and give more meaning to, the themes of fullness and amelioration from bleeding at work in pathology of Melilotus. In keeping with his previous webinars, we will be looking at the somatic experience of the remedy and how this may show in our patients language and expressions

Webinar Cost: £15.00


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