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A possible lesser known remedy for long covid?

I just discovered this rare gem which combines deep fatigue, depression with marked oppression of the chest and headache - the combination of which reminds of the long covid picture.


This short but valuable proving provides information that has not yet been integrated into the materia medica. The experience reveals progressive paralysis to powerlessness. Starting with dull heavy pain, the sensation progressed to a fullness and oppression of the entire chest, with dyspnoea. Next the limbs became immobile because they were powerless to move them. Even the muscles of articulation were not functioning and they could not talk. Concomitant to being unable to move was the absence of any desire to do so. Existing materia medicas give a different picture - one of activity. They record abscesses, consumption, plethora, inflammations and congestions, increased appetite and sleeplessness. There is fulsome anger and shrieking - a far cry from the mute paralysis demonstrated in the provers. Both extremes of the spectrum should be kept in mind. (Vermeulen & Johnston, 2021)

P 1 - Paralysis, Oppression & Powerlessness

A.R. Barrett, Proving of Hypophosphite of Lime; Hahnemannian Monthly, Vol. XIV, No. 9, Sept., 1879.

I had just been reading a pamphlet upon the use of hypophosphite of lime in phthisis, and having some of the 2d decimal trituration I experimented a little with it. A friend was in my office at the time who took some also; we each took one grain.

The symptoms that followed within an hour, and continued possibly an hour or more, are these We first felt a dull heavy pain, pressive, on top of the head, across the whole top, between the frontal and occipital bones; it gradually increased and we correspondingly grew gradually more depressed in feelings; then followed great fullness and sensation of oppression around the heart, and a fullness throughout the whole thorax and head, the veins upon the hands, arms, neck, and head standing out like cords; no flushing, no perceptible increase in pulse; had a difficulty of breathing, must have window open; profuse sweat all over; limbs perfectly powerless, unable to arise from the chair, or move either arms or legs in the least; gradually we found ourselves unable to speak except in low monotone, evidently from muscular inability.

There seemed to be a total loss of all desire, together with inability, to move or make any muscular exertion. These symptoms were perhaps an hour reaching this point, lasted about half an hour, then began gradually to pass off. As they did so the pain left the top of the head and passed to the forehead; pain extending from right to left temple throughout the extent of the whole frontal bone, a dull pressive pain; the muscular system gradually recovered its power of action; sense of dilatation and oppression around heart and thorax passed away, and finally we were left with only a sense of mental depression. There was no pain anywhere except that mentioned.

We are both under 40 years of age between 35 and 40 - , weigh about 120 or 125 lbs., light complexion, light hair, nerve-sanguine temperament, both in good health. I have never seen any proving of hypophosphite of lime. It seemed evident to me that the nerve centres were powerfully affected, and that the symptoms were of a paralytic nature. When the symptoms had passed off our lips seemed dry and cracked as from fever, and we had considerable thirst, but the pulse showed no variation from its normal condition 75 to 80 - except possibly being a little more feeble than usual, part of the time; temperature was normal.

(Barrett, 1879)


Barrett, A. W. (1879). Proving of Hypophosphite of Lime. Hahnemannian Monthly, XIV.

Vermeulen, F., & Johnston, L. (2021). Calc hypophosphorosa P 1 - Paralysis, Oppression & Powerlessness. Vista Vintage.


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