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Webinar: ‘How our models of the world impact on our case taking and outcomes’ Saturday April 13th 2024 10.00-11.00am

with Christian Taylor

In this lecture we will discuss how the models of health, and the world, that we carry around in our heads genuinely impact on our case taking and case management. Reconciling these views with homeopathic theory can bring some much needed clarity and grounding to our working lives.

We will be looking briefly at the historical and cultural influences that were dominant at the 'birth' of homeopathy (Hahnemann being a white, middle class male) and relating them to our present cultural values.

The central topic is about how the western scientific model holds sway in the minds of the general public, and so our patients, but also in the minds of nearly all of us homeopaths too. This medical model fundamentally conflicts with the basic premise of homeopathy and can produce confusion and anxiety in homeopathic practitioners.

Webinar Cost: £15:00


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